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Might seem like I’m a slacker.  I’m not.  I promise.  We are working on a new and improved blog, and I’ve already started posting there even though it’s not live yet!  Should be up and running in the next day or two. 

Meanwhile, I’m plugging away at all kinds of stuff, from working on current sessions to wedding albums and a whole slew of tardy projects to house hunting and remodeling.  Never a dull moment.  Or a free one.  Sigh.  I might need a vacation!


My little Landrie is all boy. He loves dirt, trucks, trains, diggers, and bugs. He and Daddy found a beetle in the house in the midst of winter and it was quite the hit. Sigh. Can’t believe he’s almost TWO already. Where does the time go?


Dustin & Dawn: Wedding

Dustin was a groomsman in a wedding we shot this summer (Justin and Jaymie Lewis), so we were thrilled to photograph his wedding Thanksgiving weekend in Great Falls. When I first saw Dawn on the big day, I commented on how relaxed she was and she said, “Marrying him is easy.” She was so thrilled to start her life with Dustin, ever the southern gentleman, it was just heartwarming. That’s really the best part of photographing weddings…seeing how much the couples love each other, their excitement to begin their futures together, their blinding devotion. Sigh. Love it. Congrats to you both. Enjoy!

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And the video:
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On the cover

of the IR Wedding Planner…woot! Had no idea, I’d just submitted some images in case they wanted to use any. Got the Sunday paper and it was such a nice surprise to see my image on the cover. That’s Kylee (Zimmer) and Kyle Bodley from this past summer. We have quite a few images inside, too. Here’s the link to the online version: http://www.helenair.com/issuu/wedding_spring09.html

Grant & Kelly: Wedding

October weddings in Montana are always a gamble…it might be snowing and 20 degrees out, or it might be sunny and 78, you just never know!  Kelly and Grant really wanted outdoor photos, so we prayed for good weather.  What we got was very strong freezing winds that about knocked the breath out of us!  But I’m looking at these photos and I can barely even remember my fingers almost falling off from the biting wind.  They just look in love (and warm!), and Kelly’s absolutely glowing and radiant.  There are a few images where you can see her hands clenched into fists while denying the cold, but other than that it could’ve been a summer day in Helena!

Anyway, the wedding was at St. Paul’s and the reception took place at the Great Northern.  There were tons of fun folks to celebrate the day, and it was a beautiful affair all around.  Thanks for including us, Mr. and Mrs. Todd!  Enjoy the video and the images.











Vodpod videos no longer available.

And the winner is…

Miss Pink Fairy, a.k.a. darling little Drew.  Drew and her family will receive a complimentary Premiere Session.  Monkey boy, a.k.a. adorable little Brody, came in second place, and will receive a complimentary 8×10 from their next session.  Congrats to both Drew and Brody!

Thank you to all who participated and made this event such a success.  We’ve had a ton of great response to the contest and are brainstorming other fun things we can do (we love to hear from our readers, so please leave a comment if you have any ideas!)